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Make Halloween Costumes Safe for Your Pet

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Party Marty ready to kick it up a notch for the Halloween festivities! Do you have your party gear in check?  How about your costume?  What will you be dressed as this year?  As for me, well, that will remain a mystery until October 31st, but if you plan on decking out the dog or being creative with the cat this Halloween, here are a few cautionary tips to consider before you have them strike a pose!

  • Never ever leave your pet alone while he or she is wearing a costume.  Sure.  The dog looks great in that Superman costume, but he won’t look so good if he is choking on the cape.
  • Avoid tight elastics in costumes.  These can get caught – rather painfully, I might add – in the pet’s hair.  If you do not notice this, the affected area can become sollwen and painful.  Save the elastic for your pants on those days you feel you’ve eaten too much….like the day after Halloween and you are wondering where the heck all the candy went!
  • If left alone in a costume, some pets are prone to chewing on it and they could accidentally ingest it. This could lead to intestinal obstruction, and trust me….you do NOT want to go there…and neither does your pet!
  • If the costumed pet becomes scared or frightened while wearing his garb, he or she could run away and the costume could become entangled on trees, fences, etc.

JUST BE SAFE!  It’s okay to have Sparky or Snowball dressed up for the occasion. Just keep a safe and watchful eye on them! And take lots of photos.  And, please…keep their dignity in tact!  Don’t dress them in something you would never dress up as!

(Thanks to and its veterinary medicine section on Halloween safety tips for pets for this great info….somewhat peppered with my fun and spunky sense of humor!)


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