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Pet Halloween Costumes: Select Ones Safe/Comfortable

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pet halloween costumes graphic with dog and cat in halloween costumes that are safe and comfortable for them to wear

Due to changes in routine brought about by the continued impacts of COVID-19, Halloween trick or treating will be different in many locations. Although different, many pet guardians will dress their pets in costumes for home Halloween parties and virtual events to celebrate the holiday. There are some really cute and funny pet Halloween costumes on the market.

Even though these costumes are attention grabbing, it’s important that they’re safe and comfortable for your pet to wear. Here are some tips to keep in mind when picking pet Halloween costumes:

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Don’t Leave Pets Alone In Costume

Never ever leave your pet alone while he or she is wearing a costume. If left alone in a costume, some pets are prone to chewing on it and they could accidentally ingest it. This could lead to intestinal obstruction, and trust me….you do NOT want to go there…and neither does your pet!

Avoid Elastics in Costumes

These can get caught – rather painfully, I might add – in the pet’s hair.  If you do not notice this, the affected area can become swollen and painful.  Save the elastic for your pants on those days you feel you’ve eaten too much….like the day after Halloween and you are wondering where the heck all the candy went!

Make Sure Your Pet Can Be Seen In Dark

For pets going out trick-or-treating with their people, look for costumes with reflective strips.  If the costume doesn’t have them, add the reflective strips yourself.  An alternative is using a reflective leash like the Pawtitas Reflective Leash (it’s available in orange, perfect for Halloween!). With these, your pet will be visible in the dark.

Caution Children To Leave Costume Alone

Caution children not to pull on the pet Halloween costume when your pet is wearing it.

Introduce Pet Halloween Costume Gradually

Introduce the costume to your pet gradually.  Put it on for a few minutes, gradually increasing the time.  If the costumed pet becomes scared or frightened while wearing his garb, he or she could run away and the costume could become entangled on trees, fences, etc.

Many pets don’t like anything on their head, so look for costumes that don’t involve putting anything on the head.  Look for ones that are easy to put on and take off.  I found two costumes for my dogs that go on their backs, then secure with a velcro strap around their belly.


Not finding just the right pet Halloween costume? Look around your house and get creative.  Dogs and cats look cute in themed bandanas and bowties.  The bandanas and bowties are often better tolerated by pets than costumes. Another option is a plain pet t-shirt and decorate it yourself.  If your dog is bigger, tailor one of your old t-shirts to his size.

It’s okay to have Sparky or Snowball dressed up for the occasion. Just keep a safe and watchful eye on them! And take lots of photos.  And, please…keep their dignity in tact!  Pet Halloween costumes are fun, but don’t dress your pet in something you would never wear!!


1 comment

  1. Beth says:

    I get a kick out of seeing animals in costumes that look comfortable and safe! My dogs are limited to bandanas and bow ties, with the occasional shirt to keep warm.


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