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Your Dog Has Stolen Your Heart…So Why Leave Him at Risk of Being Stolen in Another Way?

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The Spirit of Jessie, returning with sage advice and information from the Great Beyond in Doggie Heaven:

Stories about kidnappings tend to run rampant in the news.  It seems not a day goes by when we don’t hear about some poor child that has been abducted, and it pulls at our heart strings.  Did you know, however, that there are certain high-risk pet scenarios where your beloved dog can be taken from you in the blink of an eye?  According to the web site, a few of the top ways in which your dog can be stolen from you include the following:

  • Dogs in autos – Your car window may be closed or partially open, but in just about 20 seconds, a thief can smash the window, grab your dog and be on his way before you even know what has happened. And if you have a purebred dog or one with special skills, that can make a money-motivated thief even more intent on stealing your pet.
  • Dogs in fenced backyards – Sure, that doggie door is convenient…not just to your dog but also to criminals.  If you allow your pet to freely explore your backyard without your constant supervision, your pet is not as safe as you think. Within seconds, your dog can be snatched away and you will never even know.
  • Dogs left tied in front of businesses – Really?  While it’s popular in urban areas to leave a dog temporarily tied up in front of a bank or grocery store, it’s so easy for a thief to just make a clean get away with the dog. Would you leave your child tied up in front of a store while you went in and shopped? Even in safe neighborhoods, there are security risks. Just don’t do it.
  • Strangers in the neighborhood –  When you allow a stranger on your property, such as a contractor or deliveryman, other related visitors could easily grab your pet while you remain distracted. At other times, these folks may be doing their homework to assess your home, your security system (if any) and details about your pet, especially if it is a valuable breed, with the intention of returning later to steal him from right underneath your nose!

So, please be alert when it comes to the safety of your pet. He can be taken in an instant.  If your pet is truly like family, then please treat him in such a manner. He is relying on you to keep him safe.

Thanks so much!  Have a great day!  Hard to believe it is November already!



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