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You Appreciate Your Vet…So Make Sure Your Vet Appreciates YOU!!! Here’s How!

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vet relationship

Do you take time to express our gratitude towards the veterinarians that treat your pets? Your vet works hard to keep your furry friends happy and healthy. However, it involves a lot of team work to build and maintain a good vet relationship.

Before you take Fido or Fluffy to the vet next time, whether for a standard check-up or for something out of the routine, please keep in mind a few of the ways you can annoy your veterinarian without even realizing it.

Here are some things to avoid to maintain a good vet relationship:

Vet Relationship Tip 1: Don’t Burden your Vet with Personal Issues

Do you emphasize that your pet is your best friend/soul mate/partner for life and expect the vet to do all he/she can to make your pet healthy?  Ditch the emotional aspect of your dialogue with the vet and simply allow him/her to treat the issue at hand.

Vet Relationship Tip 2: Don’t Diagnose your Pet Before Going To Vet

Are you Dr. Internet?  Just because you read it online doesn’t mean it’s right or the best course of action. Your veterinarian went to school for a specific reason.  It’s ok to ask questions if you need further clarification, but let your vet do his/her job

Vet Relationship Tip 3: Avoid Telling Staff One Story and the Vet Another

Be consistent with what you tell the vet and staff. After all, their goal is to make sure your pet is healthy!

Vet Relationship Tip 4: Don’t Be Embarrassed By Difficult Questions

In response to How much are you feeding him? He needs to lose weight, do you reply that you just feed your pet ½ cup of food twice a day when in reality he is almost like a member of the family when it comes to dining at the table, getting all the scraps he can?

Just like that diet soda you drink with the piece of cake, the former does not negate the latter. Be honest!  Lying will not help your pet!

Vet Relationship Tip 5: Avoid Waiting Too Long to Take your Pet to the Vet

Your vet’s goal is to keep you pet healthy, so when your vet asks, How long has your pet been acting/feeling like this, the last thing he/she wants to hear is, “Six months!”

So…there you have it! It’s really easy to keep your pets happy and healthy! By partnering with your vet as a team, it’s a piece of cake!

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