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What Are Your Responsibilities When Hiring A Pet Sitter?

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Pet sitters have certain responsibilities to their clients, but what is your duty when hiring a pet sitter?  After all, you are entrusting your beloved pet to someone else’s care.  You want to make sure the connection between your pet and the sitter is a happy one.

Here are some tips to make the pet sitter hiring process go smoothly:

Contact In Advance

Contact the pet sitter well in advance, especially during any holiday season. This will enable you and your pet(s) to meet the pet sitter to be sure it’s a good fit.

If you decide to hire the sitter, ask what services will be provided, determine frequency of visits, pricing, payment options and any special needs your pet may have.  Ask for references and inquire whether the sitter is bonded and insured.

Information To Provide Pet Sitter

Veterinary Info and Records

Your pet sitter should request a list of current vaccines for your pet, so have those on hand, as well as access to all veterinarian records and vet contact information.

Many veterinarians also require an authorization form for someone other than the pet’s guardian to seek treatment for your pet.

Check with your vet to see if this is one of their requirements. If so, and the pet sitter does not have that form available for you to complete, draft a short letter authorizing the sitter to seek treatment for your pet in an emergency.

Contact Information

Include contact information (cell phone and/or email) where you can be reached while you’re away.  If possible, also provide a local contact (neighbor, relative, close friend) name and number in the event of emergency.  Be sure to give the contact the pet sitter’s name and phone number.

Pet Supplies

Make sure the sitter knows the location of all necessary pet supplies. Leave all pet supplies in one convenient location, which includes food, medications, leashes, etc.  Make sure extra supplies are available in case you are gone longer than expected.

Go over feeding instructions (amount of food, when fed, location for meals) and any medication to be administered with the pet sitter.

Access To Home

If you’re planning on the pet sitter entering and exiting your home via the garage, provide the garage code and show them how to use the keypad.

Leave the sitter a key to your home in the event of problems with the garage door.  I’ve gotten locked out of my home before when the garage door broke and I didn’t have my key with me.

Leave an extra key to your home with a trusted neighbor or friend.    If you have a security system, show the sitter its location, and codes to arm and disarm it.

Before your departure, make sure you have the sitter’s contact information with you.

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