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Why One Might “Tie a Yellow Ribbon ’round the Ol’ Dog’s Leash!”

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Bolt, the Yorkie Poo guest blogger:  I came across some interesting information the other day on that I wish my owners would have discovered before our older dog passed away last year.  He was a very nice dog, but had some aggression issues that worsened over time.  It was a challenge towards the end to even take him on short walks in the neighborhood, as he would sometimes try to attack people without warning.  In short, he was not very sociable outside the family unit.

The Yellow Dog project has set out to change that.  If you know of anyone who has ever had a sick, unsocial or older dog, they will love this! The concept is simple and easy to understand.  When you see a dog’s leash with a yellow ribbon on it, that tells the world “this is a dog that needs his space and you should not try to pet him or introduce him to your dog.” In other words: use extreme caution.

This project is now ongoing in 45 countries and its information materials have been translated into 12 languages.

There are many reasons as to why a dog might need a yellow ribbon on his leash, including health issues; he might be in training or is being rehabilitated; or he is just not a good fit for socializing with other dogs. (I think I might know some humans that could benefit from a yellow ribbon on their bodies! Ever been to Wal-Mart on a busy and hot summer day? HA!)

For more information, go to  It’s a great idea!

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