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If a Dog or a Cat Is Not Exciting Enough for You, Try These Alternative Pets On For Size!

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Party Marty here!  Thank you! Please hold the applause! I know I am your favorite cat and your favorite contributor to this blog! However, when it comes to pets, have you ever wondered what it would be like to think outside the kitty litter box and contemplate what other pets you might possibly be able to introduce into your life that do not bark or meow? No, I am not trying to lower my position as Top Choice for pets, but if you are in the market for something that, well, shows you have the ability to color outside the lines in life on occasion, then consider some of these interesting “alternative” pets:

**Caribbean and Ecuadorian Hermit Crabs – These are easy and fun pets! Not as ordinary as goldfish!

**Sugar Gliders – They need a lot of attention and a large cage and may keep you up at night, as they are nocturnal, but they are very social and a lot of fun!

**Chilean Rose-haired Tarantulas – Once you get over the creepiness factor, these are relatively docile creatures that only require a feast of one cricket per month. However, they are not very cuddly!

**African Pygmy Hedgehogs – These have been getting a lot of attention lately and they sure are cute, but many places do not allow them as pets. Check first!

**Long-tailed Chinchillas – After you touch their soft fur, you may keep coming back for more. They are playful and fun but require a special dust bath several times a week, as getting them wet is not a good idea.

**Fancy Rats – Not your ordinary garbage dumpster rat, these rats from breeders are very intelligent and loyal. You can even train them like dogs and they can even learn their names!

**Emperor Scorpions – Despite their scary appearance, they are relatively docile and the venom they do produce is mild. Still, be careful! I’ll pass!

**African Bullfrogs – These are the tough guys in the bunch. They can be aggressive and downright mean. They can also become quite large – up to nine inches and four pounds, and once you see them down a rat in one bite/swallow, you will prefer to watch them from the other side of the glass!

Thanks for checking in! Catch you on the flippity flip! (And, admit it…you still think a cat makes a super pet!)

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