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Which Is A Better Pet, Male Or Female Dog?

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Which is better, a male or female dog? There is no correct answer. However, there are definite differences. Here are some points to consider to help you choose which gender will suit you best.

Speaking very generally, male dogs are often very affectionate. In some ways they are less complicated than female dogs. They want something, they go get it. If they don’t like another dog, they show it. They want to be petted, they come sit next to you.

When it comes to training a male dog, they can be easy or difficult, depending on how motivated they are. If you can figure out how to motivate a male dog they are very easy to train.

Female dogs are often considered to be more intelligent than male dogs. This is debatable, but in a household that contains both male and female dogs, the female dogs usually run things. In the wild, among wolves and feral dogs, there is also an alpha female who demands respect. Males are usually more accommodating while females tend to take charge.

Females may be a little more standoffish than male dogs. Individual female dogs may be very loving and affectionate but, in general, many female dogs are a little more aloof than male dogs. They tend to act more mature than male dogs.

Female dogs often take to training very easily. They can be very focused and intense and often progress faster than the boys. When males and females begin training at the same age, females tend to learn faster in the beginning. Males may catch up and excel later, but females usually get a head start.

Both male and female dogs are wonderful pets. It really depends on what kind of personality you prefer. Remember, too, that each individual dog is different. There are very affectionate female dogs and very serious, mature male dogs. You should get to know a dog as much as possible to make a good choice of which gender — and which dog — is right for you.



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