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Which Way Does Your Dog Roll?

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dog rolling in grass

Party Marty here! Your awesome cat blogger!  TGIF! Well, for me it is TGIADOTW….Thank goodness it’s any day of the week! When I am around, every day is a Friday! And to make your Friday even more exciting, I am here to give you the scoop on why dogs roll around in stuff.  Silly dogs!  You’ve all seen them do it.  They get outdoors, smell something and then instinctively (or stupidly!) roll around in it.  What gives?

Well, according to, one theory suggests that dogs roll all over dead things to prove that they are good hunters. Dead raccoon on the trail? Let me roll all over it and prove to my buddies that I caught a big one! While your dog most likely does not have to go brag to his pack, he will go home and immediately jump on your favorite chair, leaving dead raccoon smell all over it.

Another theory suggests that by rolling in something gross and stinky, your dog is simply trying to spread his own scent. This is his sign of ownership. Not that WE would want to own a dead raccoon carcass…just saying!

Another theory suggests that when dogs roll around in crap is that they are trying to hide themselves. In other words, if your dog really was a hunter (He’s not, as you just fill his food bowl on command every day!), then he would want to disguise his scent as a predator from his prey. A rabbit can smell a dog from a long way away, so why not smell like feces and dirt instead? Easier to catch a rabbit that way!

Finally, perhaps Rover is rolling in the dirt and other gross stuff to keep parasites, insects and other predators away. It is believed that such “enemies” of the canine kind search out doggie smell. Well, if Rover doesn’t smell like Rover, he stands a better chance of being left alone by such nuisances.

As for me, the amazing cat, I prefer to just watch dogs make fools of themselves, because that’s the way I roll! Have a good one!


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