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What’s In a Name? Ideas on Naming that New Dog of Yours!

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The Spirit of Bo, back from cat heaven to enlighten from beyond.

So, you have a new puppy. One of the first things you probably want to do is give that dog a name. But how do you decide?  There are so many options from which to choose….some great; some overused; some boring; and possibly some not quite legally allowed….or at the very least, offensive or even embarrassing to say out loud, especially in public.

Here are some tips on naming your new puppy that I gathered from

  • Go with a name you really like. After all, you will be using it daily.
  • Stick with one or two syllable names. It makes it easier for you to say and easier for your dog to understand. After all, you will be using it daily.
  • Try out the new name for a couple of days and see how your dog responds. After all, you will be using it daily.
  • Don’t pick a name that might be offensive or embarrassing to actually say out loud in public…i.e. – Fartface, Booger, Poopyhead. After all, you will be using it daily. (Side note:  We once knew someone who named his dog “Dammit,” and to call his dog he would say, “Dammit, come here.” In public, this sounded as if he was cussing at his dog. Not a good idea.
  • Some folks enjoy naming their dogs after their favorite celebrities, hobbies, or things. For example, Sheldon after Sheldon Cooper on “The Big Bang Theory;” or “Merlot” after one’s favorite wine. How about Limburger after one’s favorite cheese? The list is endless!
  • However, avoid going with the overly used names. Be creative. Have a pup that will one day become a big dog, like a Mastiff?  Why not name him Tiny! Have a Yorkie that is destined for great things? How about calling him Atticus?
  • Do you have two new puppies? While cute names like Peanut Butter and Jelly or Salt and Pepper sound great together….how do you think those names will sound when you are simply calling for one of the dogs…especially in public?  Food for thought!

Have fun! But remember…you will be using this name daily!



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