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What To Expect When Your Dog Uses His Tongue as Toilet Paper…

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Border Collie

Party Marty here…the wild and crazy cat you have all come to know and love! OMG! It is Friday again? Where does the time go? Geez…you would think I had just been sleeping all week long. Wait! Who am I kidding? I basically have been sleeping all week. Well, at least I am awake enough now to post my meandering thoughts here. For today’s post I just threw a pretend dart at the Internet to get my subject matter and the first time I came up with “Seven Ways to Dress Well Without Spending Much.” Well, that certainly isn’t going to work for this forum, so I tried again…and here’s what you get from me today…. just a few surprising (but fun and educational, too!) facts about cats and dogs!

**Did you know that those sloppy kisses you enjoy receiving from your dog could make you sick? Well, they can! Those floppy tongues can be riddled with bacteria, including salmonella and campylobacter. Not sure what that means? Well, let me rephrase it in a way that has potentially more meaning to you: Your dog uses his tongue as toilet paper! You could be in for a fun round of diarrhea if you allow him to give you a kiss on the lips! Enough said. Next!

**Did you know that cats can love too much? Well, it’s true, but I think it should first say that people can love cats too much, but I will defer to the topic at hand here. Yes, your cat can fall madly in love with you to the point of exhibiting separation anxiety. He may pace the floor, vocalize and even attempt to block the door so you can’t leave.

**Did you know that dogs can smell hypoglycemia? If a diabetic owner realizes a drop in blood pressure, his dog can alert him by whining, barking, licking and pawing.

**Did you know that cats smell with their mouths? They have a small scent gland on the roof of their mouth called the vomeronasal organ. If they really want to get a strong whiff of something, they will open their mouths wide! (Something I only do when I yawn!)

Well, that’s my contribution for today. I believe I have earned my keep. Thanks to for these fun tidbits of information that will probably be deemed useless later on in less you are preparing for a rousing game of Trivial Pursuit: Pet Edition. (Do they even have one of those???)




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