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Tribute to a Very Good Friend

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BomanMy very good friend, companion and all-around great kitty Bo passed away this morning.  Even though my dog Jessie is here, the house seems so quiet, something is very definitely different.  There’s a quiet that wasn’t ever here when Bo was around.  Ever the chatty cat, he always had something to say using various tones of voice and looks at me to get his point across.

I’d always considered myself a “dog person” until I encountered Bo at a Petsmart adoption event.  I’d decided to get a cat and went to look around at the ones available that day.  I saw a couple of nice cats, but none that I really felt a strong connection to, so I decided to mull over things the rest of that day and head back to Petsmart the next morning.

Upon arriving at the adoption event the next day, the first cat I encountered was Bo.  He hadn’t been at the event the first day, and when he saw me, he immediately started talking to me and wouldn’t stop.  I knew he’d picked me, so I packed him up and brought him home.  What a great guy!  Chatty, social and one who loved my company, I couldn’t have asked for more!

Bo was termed a “senior” when I adopted him, with his age estimated to be 6-8 years.  We had almost nine years together, and I am so happy that he picked me that day in Petsmart!  He brought so much to my life and for that I will be eternally grateful to him.

My heart is hurting so much right now, but I know Bo is in a good place, talking to anyone that will listen!  Take care, Bo Man, I love you!


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