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Remember the Good Times

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The other day, I met with a client of mine whose dog Jack passed away a few months ago.  Jack was quite a character, a black Lab that was a friend to all.

During our meeting, we talked about Jack, swapping stories on the good and bad things we’d been through in our time with him. It’s taken a while for us to be able to talk about Jack’s death, but as time has passed the tears have been replaced by smiles and laughter about Jack’s antics.

Jack and his owner were extremely close, so it was important he take time to recover from Jack’s death.  It’s been several months since Jack’s passing, and his owner now has a new puppy.

Roscoe, the new dog, is a different size, different breed, but is no less a character than Jack was before him.  It’s important to keep in mind that it’s impossible to replace the pet that’s died, so it is not recommended to get a new pet that is a carbon copy of the one you lost.  If your former pet was a black Lab, for example, and you love Labs, consider getting a different color Lab for your new pet.

Take time to remember your pet by writing a journal about your times together, including pictures.  Another way to honor your pet is to give a contribution to a local shelter or rescue group in your pet’s name.  There are many options available now for memorializing your pet, pick one that’s right for you.


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