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There’s A New Kid on the Block

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It’s funny the way things work out……after losing my kitty Bo in January, I didn’t know if or when I’d adopt another cat.  Last week, through a series of Facebook postings, I found out about several cats that were in danger of being euthanized at a local shelter.

In looking at the posting, I noticed one little guy named Marty.  His coloring was different from Bo’s, and he was a youngster (15 mos. old), both of these criteria I’d decided on if the time was ever right to adopt again.  The only thing was that the timing wasn’t what I’d planned…………I asked myself if I was ready this soon after Bo.

Some of the best things that have come my way have not been on the timeline I had laid out.  I pondered the adoption all day last Sunday, and went to the shelter Monday to adopt Marty and bring him home.  I knew that Bo would want me to help another cat if possible.  It’s been a long time since there was a playful cat in the house and  I’m glad I decided on Marty, he’s a sweetheart………….Bo would definitely approve.


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