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Top 10 Reasons Pets End Up In Shelters

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Pet Adoption

The August issue of Your Dog newsletter features information from a survey conducted by PetHealth Inc. that shows the real reasons pets end up in shelters.

The survey was based on data from 800 North American animal welfare organizations.  Sadly, the reasons given are virtually all owner specific.  Here is the list derived from the survey data:

  1. Too many pets-18%
  2. Unwanted or incompatible-10%
  3. Moving-10%
  4. Stray-8%
  5. Inability to care for pet-8%
  6. Financial or home insurance policy restrictions-6%
  7. Euthanasia request-5%
  8. Unwanted litter-4%
  9. Allergic to animal-4%
  10. Death or health of owner-3%

It’s obvious by reviewing this list that doing research prior to bringing a pet into the home would go very far in reducing the percentages shown here.

Shelters and rescue groups are very frequently overflowing with homeless pets. Take the time to really analyze if adding a pet is the right move.  Don’t add your pet to the ranks of those in animal shelters or rescues.



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