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Taking the Word Dog to a Whole New Level!

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Jessie, the top dog of the house (Okay, the ONLY dog, but still the top dog!):

Hi, there! Remember several days ago when we pointed out certain common expressions and phrases that incorporate the use of the word cat? Well, today I have a few that involve the word dog. See if you use any of these in your everyday dialogue!

  • The doggy paddle. (Remember when you learned to swim that way?)
  • A dog and pony show. (This is how humans perform when they want to impress someone!)
  • Top dog (Also known as Jessie; a boss; a leader; someone in a position of authority; also known as Jessie!)
  • The dog days of summer (If you live in or near Kansas City, this needs no explanation of how our summer has been!)
  • Dog-eared (Read a good book lately? Have the corners been turned down to mark your place?)
  • Fighting like cats and dogs (Not that any of that goes on here between Party Marty and me!)
  • He’s in the dog house (This typically refers to the husband of the home when he has done something to upset the wife!)
  • Working like a dog (I still don’t get this one. Dogs don’t work. Whatever.)
  • It’s not easy to teach an old dog new tricks! (What? Me? Old habits? Nonsense!)
  • Let sleeping dogs lie! (Don’t revisit something that has happened in the past if it is negative or painful to discuss. Or, the obvious…let sleeping dogs lie. I need a nap. I’ve been working like a dog because I have been fighting like cats and dogs and these dog days of summer have me exhausted. This top dog is going to find a dog-eared book and do some reading for pleasure, doggone it!)

Thanks to for this fun information!


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