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Tips On How to Keep Your Cat Cool This Summer, Courtesy of One Cool Cat!

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Party Marty here! I am finding my groove again and settling in to a new normal in the household now that Jessie has joined Bo in the Great Beyond. Dang! I miss that little lady!

At any rate, as summer also begins to settle in for the season, things are heating up which means you have to find ways to keep your cat cool. As for myself, well, I am always one cool cat, but for all those other felines out there who can’t keep the pace with me, here are a few tips to keep them cool when the heat just can’t be beat…

**Put a few ice cubes in your kitty’s water bowl.

**Fill a small soda bottle with cold water and let it freeze overnight in the freezer. Come morning, wrap the bottle in a towel and place it in your cat’s favorite resting spot. If she becomes overheated, she can cool herself down by resting up against it or on it. Just remember, however, not to completely fill the bottle, as water expands when it freezes and could burst the bottle. Further, DO NOT use those cooling gel packs. If your cat just so happens to poke a hole in the plastic with his claw and ingests it, it could be potentially harmful to him.

Get a small box fan and put it on the floor near your air conditioner or an open window. To add some extra cooling power, put a frozen water bottle in front of the fan.

Get a damp washcloth or paper towel and gently stroke your cat with it. He probably won’t mind the moisture so much once he realizes how good it makes him feel.

Consider closing any blinds that face south or west in your home. This will keep your cat cooler and as an added bonus, it can potentially save you some money on your energy bill!

Change up your routine when it comes to playtime with your cat. Move the fun to later in the day when it is cooler. Strenuous exercise can quickly lead to overheating in a cat.

Well, that is my two cents’ worth for today. I need to get back to napping, but it has somewhat lost its appeal, as Jessie isn’t here to tell me how lazy I am!

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