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Tips on How to Brighten the Afternoon of Life for Your Pet

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The Spirit of Bo, returning to bring good tidings and great information to our faithful readers: Your pet is a loving member of your family and hopefully you will enjoy many years of love, affection and good times with him. However, as your pet ages, there are certain things you should take into consideration to ensure the afternoon of his life is just as amazing as it was when you first brought him home.

When it comes to exercise and physical activity, your pet will naturally slow down as he approaches his golden years. His aging body will lose muscle tone, balance and fluid movement without regular exercise. Fortunately, there are a few anti-aging activities you can share with him that can slow down that inevitable aging process:

**Short frequent walks can help to maintain heart health.
**Incorporate massage to relieve sore muscles and joints, as well as other aches and pains.
**Consult your veterinarian for exercises that are specifically designed to help maintain your pet’s strength, flexibility and balance.

It is also important to incorporate mental stimulation into your pet’s daily routine. Just like humans, this can keep his brain in proper working order. Consider going on a walk but changing the route. Go for a ride in the car. Or simply enjoy some extra playtime in the backyard.

Of course, if you really want to switch things up – and are in a position to do so – the best activity for stimulating a senior pet mentally is the almost constant attention he can get from a young puppy!!

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