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Tips On Creating A Dog-Friendly Garden

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Indoor Outdoor Dogs

Happy Earth Day!  Spring has finally arrived and many people are planting gardens.  Dogs love to be outside this time of year, but their digging, peeing on plants and trampling plants can wreak havoc on a garden.  As this article from  points out, there are some steps you can take so your dog can enjoy the garden with you.

Dog Friendly Plants
You’ve probably seen the lists of plants that are deadly to pets, but as it turns out, there are many dog friendly plants. Asters, hens and chicks, impatiens, snapdragons, marigolds, Irish moss, alyssum, petunias, roses, zinnias and sunflowers, to name just a few, are hardy, accessible and beautiful garden additions. Check this list for the ASPCA poison control center complete list of ‘safe’ plants for areas frequented by pets.

Borders and Beds
To keep dogs away from planted areas, consider using pieces of driftwood, small boulders or large stones. Choose mulch that is ground small, like cedar chips or pine bark. Comfy mulch is easy on paws, large enough to not cling to fur, and less obstructive if ingested. Avoid using the “chocolate” variety of mulch. Plants along borders should be sturdy and have soft foliage to withstand canine roughhousing.

Trails and pathways are great ways for dogs to explore.  Create paths from flagstone, small pebbles, stepping stones or even ground cover to provide flower-free zones for your dog. Stepables has an amazing line of ground cover specifically designed to withstand foot traffic.

Garden accents add visual interest, as well as nuisance management in a dog-friendly garden. Sculptures, tree stumps, boulders and logs can be natural marking posts. Container gardening elevates flowers and vegetables, creating pee-free plants while providing easy and chemical-free weed control.

Creature Comforts
No garden paradise is complete without a cool drink and favorite napping spot, even for the pooch. Shade, an elevated water bowl and outdoor dog bed are essential.



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