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Think Safety When Choosing Toys For Your Puppy

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Puppies love to play with anything they get in their paws, whether it’s safe or not.  Puppies, much like babies, love to put everything in their mouth, so keep that in mind when shopping for toys.

When choosing the toys you want for your puppy, be sure to keep some safety and training issues in mind. Here are a few:

  • Watch for choking hazards – The easiest way to avoid buying toys that may present chocking hazards for puppies is to buy them from a good pet store. Pet stores have a big selection of puppy-safe toys to choose from. If you do get puppy toys that you’re not sure about, check them over for objects that are sewn or glued on that won’t hold up to your puppy’s chewing. Just cut them off before giving to your puppy.
  • Only keep a few toys out – If you’ve bought your puppy a lot of toys, don’t present them all at once. One or two toys at a time will excite your puppy; any more than that will just be overwhelming and your puppy may ignore them all. Then, as old toys get destroyed or no longer useful, introduce one new toy at a time.
  • Keep toys in a bin nearby – To keep your own sanity you’ll probably want to have a bin or toy box for the puppy toys. This is a place where puppy can always find them and you can show him where they go when finished. That way, when puppy wants to play he knows exactly where to go to find the toys. You will also be able to quickly grab something to distract puppy when needed.

Puppy fun time is one of the great joys of being a puppy, and a puppy parent. Make sure you take the time to get your puppy the best toys for the hard work of playing. Get in all the playtime you can with your puppy. Time flies quickly, and your puppy will be all grown up before you know it!


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