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Tips On Finding A Good Dog Trainer

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Whether you just adopted a new puppy, or are interested in modifying the behavior of  your adult dog, it’s important to find a quality dog trainer. Not only someone that gets results, but someone who also works to improve the relationship between you and your dog.

Before signing up to any program or class go and watch a training session in person. Observe the techniques being used and be sure you’re comfortable with them.  Since some dogs learn differently, the instructor should offer more than one way to solve a problem.

You should not work with a trainer that relies on physical punishment to train your dog. A dog trainer should not be showing you how to scruff your dog or force him into a submissive position (this is called “alpha rolling”). Basically, if you are uncomfortable with any of the training methods you are presented with go with your gut instincts and walk away.

The trainers you are interested should be familiar with the latest research and developments in animal behavior. Check to make sure the trainer or instructor is a member of educational organizatons like the Association of Pet Dog Trainers or is pursuing other educational opportunities.

Some dog trainers provide in home service. This can be expensive but extremely valuable if you are dealing with a behavior that revolves around the home. This also provides a good learning environment for the family, since the family reinforcement of the training after classes are complete will help the training be successful.

To find more information on dog trainers in your area, check out:

Association of Pet Dog Trainers



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