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The Pets are Ready….But Are YOU Ready to Adopt One?

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Party Marty here, the cool cat that thinks this weather is taking “cool” just a little too far! It’s too cold outside to do anything, so I have been lounging around and doing lots of thinking and pondering.  I worry about pets that are outside in this frigid air and pray for the safety of all of our furry, four-legged friends, so many of which need loving homes to adopt them.

Even though there are countless pets eager to be adopted, you have to ask yourself one pressing question first: Are you ready to adopt a pet?

Once you enter an animal shelter, you will most likely be overcome with the urge to take home every single animal. They are so cute, so cuddly and so adorable. They all deserve loving homes in which to live.

The problem, however, is that so many people are initially enamored with these pets but quickly neglect or abandon them because the owners decide that caring for a pet is far too much responsibility….more than they wanted to assume.

Yes, adopting a pet is a big commitment – one that can affect your lifestyle for years to come.  Before taking one into your home, you need to be honest with yourself about this huge responsibility and your willingness to do your part.

According to, with good care, most dogs can live 12-15 years and cats can thrive up to 15 or even 20 years.  Do you know what will be happening in your life over the next decade or two?  Do you anticipate major changes, such as marriage, children, a new job, a long-distance move?  Are you willing to continue taking care of your pet as these new responsibilities arise?

What will you do if your spouse or child is allergic to your pet or of they cannot get along with him/her?  Further, if you are getting a pet now for your young children, are you willing to continue with that responsibility once those kids have moved away?

This is just food for thought. Again, there are so many pets out there that need a home and we highly encourage getting a rescue cat or dog. However, we do not want those same pets abandoned again simply because you were not ready to take on that responsibility.  Please be honest with yourself first. These animals deserve at least that much from you!

God bless!





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