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The Magic of a Good Belly Rub!

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Bolt, the Yorkie-Poo guest blogger: Hey, you!  Yes, you! How much do you love your dog? That much, huh?  So, how often do you rub his or her belly? You know, we give you so much unconditional love and all we ask for in return is that you care for us and love us in return….and dispense the occasional belly rub. I don’t just roll over like a fool with my four legs in the air for no reason at all! There’s a message in that pose!

So, do you know why dogs like belly rubs? Sure, it feels good, much like a massage does to you! Besides, our bellies represent an area not easily reached by us, unless we scoot along the floor on it, but that’s not fun!

When you rub our bellies, it has a very calming effect on us, too, especially when we are anxious about something, such as loud noises (thunder, fireworks…those sorts of things!)

And, if you do it well, we just might fall asleep under your magic touch! Ah…the ultimate “thank you!”

However, if you approach the belly rub a bit more, shall we say, vigorously, then that may be code for “let’s play!” Then, it’s game on!

So, do your dog a favor at least once a day and rub his or her belly! We will be sure to pay you back with lots of kisses and snuggles….and we promise not to pee or poop in the house. Well, most of us anyway! (Please do not ask my human about the “gift” I accidentally left in the hearth room last week. My bad!)

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