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10 Things To Keep In Mind At The Dog Beach

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It’s time to start planning summer vacations, and many people opt for beach time.  Many dogs love their time at the beach too, and it can be really fun if you keep a few things in mind.  Here is some do’s and don’ts when heading to the beach with your dog:

  • Pick up after your dog.  Nicely let others know if their dog happens to leave a “surprise” too, stepping in dog poo can put a damper on the day.
  • If the sand is burning your feet, it’s burning your dog’s paws too.  Head to shore or pick your dog up and carry him.
  • Dogs can get sunburned too.  Like us, dog’s noses and ears can burn easily, so apply some sunscreen made specifically for dogs to these sensitive areas.
  • Don’t bring small children to a beach that allows dogs.  Small children may get knocked down, scared or injured by dogs playing on the beach.
  • Provide plenty of shade and water to drink for your dog.
  • Don’t bring your dog’s toys to the beach.  Other dogs may take it to play with, or possessive dogs could start a fight over the toy.  Save toy play for home.
  • Watch your dog at all times.  He could swim too far away from shore, wander off or be injured by a person or another dog.
  • Bring extra pick-up bags, towels and a canine first aid kit.  You never know when any or all of these may be needed.
  • If your dog is shy, don’t expect other dogs to respect his space.  Dogs are dogs, and they usually think other dogs at the beach are there to play.
  • Don’t bring food.  You’re liable to be mobbed by all the dogs at the beach, and one will probably snag your meal!

Keep these suggestions in mind and have fun with your dog at the beach.  Surf’s up!


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