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The Best Way to “Tickle” Your Dog!

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Tickle Dog

Jessie, the fun-loving dog that appreciates a good laugh every now and again (especially when at the expense of that mangy cat, Marty!):
Is your dog ticklish?  Does he have a spot on his body that when you rub it or tickle it he just goes nuts?  For humans, being ticklish equates to “please stop or I will wet my pants.” For dogs, it is just a great feeling to have our bellies, hindquarters, chins or whatever rubbed. It is our slice of Heaven on Earth.

According to, most dogs have that one spot on their body that they just love to have scratched. When this area is scratched, he may roll his eyes back; his tongue may hang out of his mouth; or he may kick one leg furiously when you “tickle” that magical spot.

So…how do you find that one spot on your dog that he just loves to have scratched?  Well, observe your dog closely and see where he routinely scratches himself. Some common places are the neck and chest, but that is a difficult place for most dogs to reach. If your dog tries like mad to reach those areas but cannot, those might be the favored spots for him

Alternatively, try running your hands over your dog’s body and watch for any reaction. Some dogs might lift their legs when you come upon a ticklish spot; others might just whine or push against your hand. Bolty-Boy, our Yorkie-Poo guest blogger, will always tap his front paw on your hand if you stop rubbing his chest, begging for more!

Some key spots on dogs include the area behind the ears; between the front legs; and along the belly. Use your fingertips when scratching, making sure to apply a little bit of pressure at the same time.  Ahhh….Heaven!

The best time to discover those special spots on your dog is when he is relaxed,  such as right before bedtime or after his mid-day nap!

And if you think you can get your dog to return the favor in kind, think again. Ever try to get your dog to walk up and down your back for that massage-like feeling? Yeah…doesn’t work.  Trust us. We know folks who have tried it.



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