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The Best Dog Breeds for Companions in the Afternoon of Life

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Lexie the French Bulldog

Jessie, the fun-loving canine who enjoys the company of those who appreciate man’s best friend:  Dog owners know that having a furry, four-legged friend as a companion can do wonders for the heart and soul.  We offer a certain sort of peace and tranquility that you just cannot find anywhere else. Some folks cannot even imagine life without a dog. We make great playmates for kids; we are a perfect addition to a family; we are eager walking buddies for the exercise enthusiast; and when it comes to those who are facing the incredible afternoon of life, we are constant and abiding companions.

Many senior adults love to have a dog to keep them company, so I decided to do some research and find out which breeds make the best companions for seniors.

Thanks to, this is what I discovered…

When considering a dog for your golden years, it is important to take into account not only the size of the dog, but also its energy level and health history.  While it may seem like smaller dogs are easier to entertain and far less rambunctious than their larger counterparts, have you seen a Jack Russell Terrier on any given day?

And if you are on a fixed income, you may want to know of any pre-existing health conditions that might come into play. Veterinarian bills can be pricey.

When considering a pet for the latter years in life, it is advisable to get an adult dog over a puppy.  First of all, you will have a better idea as to its health history and temperament, and you will by-pass all of those costs associated with raising a puppy.

Here are a few breeds well suited for the retirement-minded individual:

The French Bulldog. This dog is not only stylish but has a solid disposition. This dog is an amazing walking partner. However, this breed does seem to love sleeping on the bed, so you may have to get used to sharing prime sleeping space…and appreciate some snoring on the dog’s part!  Many owners simply find such noises a part of the dog’s overall charm, though!

The Poodle.  This breed is personable, very intelligent, easy to train and has a great sense of humor. They are also fairly clean and low shedding, so you have less work to do in maintaining them, provided you stick to regular grooming appointments.

The Schipperke.  This is a sturdy little breed with an easy-care coat and engaging eyes that seem to suggest, “What’s next?” No matter what you love to do, this breed will happily tag along.  Word to the wise, however…be sure to keep him on a leash when out and about with him. He is quick and loves to chase squirrels!  Enough said!

The Maltese.  This is a great lap dog that is incredibly attentive and tuned into his owner. On the smaller side, this breed is very portable, yet a bit more fragile.  Bonus:  Of the smaller dogs, this one sheds the least!

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi.  If you are on the active side, this is a smart, determined and strong-willed canine.  He may have short legs, but he does not see those as limitations.  On the flip side, he can become overweight if you do not watch his diet.  So, be sure to keep him on the active side, as well!

Long live man’s (and woman’s!) best friend!


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