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Texas Requiring Licensing For Dog And Cat Breeders

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Beginning September 1, Texas dog and cat breeders must be licensed to operate in Texas. In order to be termed a dog or cat breeder, a person must:

  1. Be in possession of 11 or more adult intact female dogs or cats used for breeding
  2. Breeding dogs or cats for direct or indirect sale
  3. Offer to sell or exchange 20 or more animals in a calendar year

The Dog or Cat Breeders Act was passed during the 82nd Legislature.  The Act requires The Texas Commission of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) to establish standards of care of dogs and cats in breeding facilities. Prior to the Act no standards of care specifically designed for dogs and cats used for breeding, existed in Texas.

Texas breeding facilities will be inspected at least once every 18 months to ensure they continue to meet the requirements to be licensed. During these inspections, the facility’s license status will be checked, standards of care will be examined, individual animal records will be reviewed to assure proper veterinary care is provided, and inspectors will verify transportation standards are met when animals are shipped to another location.

For help in locating a licensed breeder, the TDLR web site ( will provide a list of licensed breeders under its License Data Search link, and an Administrative Order-Search link, where citizens can search for disciplinary actions taken by the department.

Residents will be able to file a complaint or report unlicensed breeders by accessing the online complaint form at or contact the Enforcement Division at (512) 539-5600.


Source:  TDLR Press Release 8/3/12


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