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Are You Satisfied With Pet-Friendly Travel Options?

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I read an article today from (AYTM) quoting results from a recent survey of 256 pet owners.  The results were quite interesting, especially since more businesses associated with travel are working on becoming more pet-friendly.

Here are some of the findings:

  • 23% of those polled travel several times a year, 23% once a year and 29% of those polled indicate they rarely travel
  • Of those polled, 66% have never traveled with their pets
  • 48% stated pets have not impacted travel plans, while 35% made special arrangements because of pets
  • 45%  of respondents indicated they wouldn’t travel with pets if easy to find pet-friendly hotels, 28% would bring pets sometimes, and 20% would definitely bring their pets

I was rather surprised by these results.  thinking there would be more pet owners traveling with pets if accommodations were readily available.  What are your thoughts, do you travel with your pets?  What has been your experience?


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