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Tell Me Again…How Many Years Out of Nine Will a Cat Actually Sleep????

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What time is it? It’s Party Marty time! I am just going to take the liberty of making this post today all about cats and the marvelous wonders about us! Indeed, we are unique creatures and should be revered as such.

Now, before I get super busy with the issues of the day (napping, sleeping, snoozing and general light dozing), I wanted to share with you some interesting and marvelous facts I learned about cats. Well, technically I knew these already, but I just had to jot them down for you to read and understand why cats rock the world!

According to an engaging piece on (Hey! It’s not like I always defer to a veterinarian site or the like!), here are a few things that just might make you fall in love with cats all over again:

1.) Cats can drink seawater. We have kidneys that can filter out the salt and then use the water for hydration.
2.) Cats do not have the ability to taste sweet things. Scientists believe we might have a mutation in a key receptor that prohibits us from ever knowing what a cupcake or piece of pie tastes like. But, that’s okay. Less sugar going in means a better bod on the outside! Just check me out!
3.) See those furry tufts right inside our ears? Those are called ear furnishings, and in addition to insulating the ear, they also help to filter out direct sounds and debris. (These come in handy when that mangy dog Jessie wants to lecture me. “What? I can’t hear you! My ear tufts are in the way!”)
4.) Some cats actually have thumbs! They do! (And you just left your computer to check your cat’s paws, didn’t you?)
5.) Kittens sleep a lot as their bodies only release a growth hormone when they are asleep.
6.) Adult cats don’t release such a hormone and they sleep a lot because, well, they can! In fact, by the time a cat is nine years old, it will have been awake for just about three of those years! (Geez! I have a lot of “work” to do to catch up to that statistic!)

Thanks for hanging out with me today! I hope you have a FABULOUS weekend!


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