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Don’t Let Your Pet Be “Sick as a Dog!” Simple Steps to Ensure Good Health in Your Furry Friend!

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Jessie, your wonderful canine blogger who always tries to stay in good health:

During this upcoming winter cold and flu season, I am sure that you humans do all you can to stay healthy. Who likes to be bogged down by those nasty viruses that seem to run rampant at this time? I know many of you get your flu shots and that a lot of you are into healthy eating and exercise to avoid getting sick. But what about your pet? What can you do to ensure your pet stays healthy?

According to the web site, there are several things you can do to keep your pet’s health at its optimum level:

**Make sure your pet is at a healthy weight.
**Be sure to get your pet sufficient exercise.
**Make sure your pet eats a balanced and nutritious diet. Don’t load him up on the treats, which is tempting to do during this holiday season.
**Be sure to take your pet to the veterinarian at least once a year so he can make sure your pet is healthy and so he can detect any potential problems. Be proactive!
**Make sure your pet is vaccinated against deadly diseases, such as parvo, distemper and rabies. Talk to your veterinarian about what shots your pet might need.
**Speak to your veterinarian about what products your dog might need to keep the parasites away. You know what I mean…those unwelcome guests of ticks, fleas, heartworm, etc.
**And finally, be sure to have your pet spayed or neutered.

Hopefully, you and your pet will enjoy a very happy and healthy holiday and winter season!


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