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Tasty Treats You Can Share with Your Cat! Dig In!

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Yo, my peeps!  It’s Party Marty! The sun is shining! The weather is warmer! I am one happy cat! Spring is on its way! Time to celebrate! How about a snack? While we last told you about what types of foods dogs can share with their humans, I wanted to dish on a few food items you may have at home that you can share with your cat! Yes…we do eyeball your treats so please pass the plate when you can!  According to, here are a few fun foods you enjoy that we think your cat will, too…

  • Fish. That is a no-brainer. We all know that cats love fish, especially tuna. While it is not wise to have a cat live on canned tuna alone, it is nice to treat him to small bites every now and again. Large portions will expose him to too much mercury, fatty acids and magnesium.  Not a good idea. So, you go get the can; I’ll get the can opener.
  • Eggs. Yes, whether scrambled or hard-boiled, we love eggs just as much as you do. However, please do not prepare ours with butter or cooking spray.
  • Cheese. Why do you think we chase mice? They have the cheese! It is an excellent source of protein for us, but since a lot of cats are lactose intolerant, opt for cottage cheese or low-lactose cheeses. Again, in small bites!
  • Broccoli. Have you ever seen your cat chewing on a plant? It could be he is pining for some greens. Why not offer him some broccoli…steamed, of course. This stuff is great for clearing our digestive tracts. However, keep the treat size small.
  • Lean deli meats. We do love tiny bites of turkey, ham and chicken. Just make sure that they do not have a lot of preservatives in them.

So…what are you waiting for? Let’s hit up the ‘fridge and see what’s in store for us today! Then we can go relax in the sunlight!  Let’s roll!




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