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Stay Calm! You Have a Loving Pet in Your Life!

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Party Marty here! Yes! Another Friday has graced us with its presence. I am so relieved. My weeks have been so stressful lately, what with all of the cat napping and stuff.

However, I am up and running today to do my job of keeping all of our faithful readers entertained and informed.

So, let’s not waste another minute. I want to get my job done so I can get back to napping! Priorities, people! Priorities! Sometimes this stuff stresses me out!

And speaking of stress, did you know that your pet is a great stress reliever? (Still trying to find research on how humans are stress relievers for pets…but the jury is still out on that one!) According to, here are a few ways your loving pet can add a stronger sense of calm and peacefulness to your life…

**We offer a soothing presence. Research has indicated that just having us nearby can lower your heart rate and blood pressure. We are like a warm and fuzzy blanket on a cold winter’s day.

**We offer unconditional love and acceptance…even when the food bowl is empty! We don’t have opinions on your life; will offer no criticism and definitely render no verdicts. The gift we give to you is the complete freedom to just be yourself.

**We can alter your behavior. No, we are neither hypnotists nor magicians, but we can make you calm down quickly. For example, if you come home from work in a foul mood, once you lean down to pet us, an appreciable amount of that negativity dissipates, and what otherwise could have been a potentially horrible evening can become a bit more relaxing.

**We promote touch. You cannot resist us, and doing so is futile, anyway. Once you pet and hug us, those stress hormones known as cortisol begin to decrease and, once again, your blood pressure and heart rate are lowered.

**Pets make you more responsible. For example, when you have us to consider, you can no longer stay out all night. We have needs to which you must attend. You can’t really sleep in too much, either, as we have to go about our business in the morning. We depend on you, and if we make it through each day alive, then you are doing a great job! We add structure to your day. You can thank us later!

Have a great Friday. Snow is in the forecast in my neck of the woods. Doubt I will be seeing much sunshine this weekend. Sad face…


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