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Positive New Year’s Resolutions for Your Pet and for YOU!

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The Spirit of Bo, here to provide some inspiring New Year’s Resolutions for Pet Owners:

1.)  Give and get exercise with your dog. Go for walks together. Not only is this beneficial to your pet’s health, it’s great for you, too. And….it’s a perfect way to strengthen the bond between you and your pet.

2.) Make sure to get your pet in for a thorough examination with the veterinarian. Start the New Year on a healthy foot! Prevention is important!

3.) Make sure your pet enjoys a healthy diet. Just like humans, they can suffer from poor nutrition and bad eating habits. Begin healthy diets together!

4.) Keep your pet well-groomed throughout the year. Trim those nails! Wash that coat! Clean those teeth! Check for parasites! You keep yourself clean (we hope!); keep your pet clean and happy, too!

5.) Safety first! Just as you would prepare your home for an infant/baby/toddler, make sure your home is pet-proof. Keep toxic plants and chemicals away. Make sure the backyard is secured with a good fence and that there are no possible escape routes or any places where your pet could potentially get stuck.

6.) Give your pet lots of love and attention! This should be the easiest thing to do! Nothing makes one feel better than to share a hug with a pet! That’s the best therapy out there and it’s really good medicine, too!

Enjoy 2013! May this be a great year for you and your pets! Embrace the Joy of Living every day!

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