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Fourth of July Pet Safety: Fun Day For Us, Scary For Pets

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Fourth of July pet safety shows dogs cat and bird dressed in Fourth of July colors for Fourth of July pet safety

Party Marty here! Taking a break from a well-deserved catnap! It’s almost time for that highly anticipated day of summer – the Fourth of July! Time to break out all those “F” bombs – family, friends, food, fun and fireworks! Gotta love it, right? Well, of course, if you are of the human kind, but when it comes to your furry, four-legged buddies, think again. While you are celebrating and cannot seem to get enough of the BOOM! POP! BANG! And WOW!, your pets are probably in full panic mode. Why? They do not like those loud sounds. So, here are some Fourth of July pet safety tips to make sure your celebrations, while fun for you, are not stressful for them.

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Most Important Fourth of July Pet Safety Tip: Keep Pets Indoors!

This Fourth of July pet safety tip is the most important. Keep your pet indoors at all times during this holiday. Even if they are used to being outside, the unexpected and loud noises could cause them to panic and break a leash or hop a fence, running away.

Use Sunscreen Specially Formulated For Pets

There will be many parties this holiday. For those times your pet is outdoors, do not use your sunscreen or insect repellant on pets. While it may be effective for you, it can wreak physical havoc on your pet and cause illness or even death.  For pets that sunburn easily, use a sunscreen made especially for them.

Keep Alcohol Out of Reach

Keep alcoholic drinks away from pets. Should they accidentally ingest them, they can become dangerously intoxicated and deathly ill.

Don’t Take Your Pet To See Fireworks

Many pet guardians take their pets everywhere with them, but if you are off to see a fireworks display, leave your pet at home! The noise, the crowds and all of the commotion can cause extreme anxiety in your pet. He may freak out and try to seek shelter. Likewise, locking them in your car can lead to brain damage and heat stroke.

Keep pets inside and set up a safe room for them if possible. Put a few favourite toys in there, and add some easy listening music to mask the fireworks sounds.

If your pet has a high degree of anxiety due to loud noises, try calming chews. They provide relieve from some of the stress caused by the noise.

Be Sure Your Pet Has Updated ID

Because of the loud noises from fireworks, July 4th is the day the most pets go missing. Make sure your pet has proper and updated identification on him in the event he does flee or run away. Be sure to have a recent photo of your pet, as well, in case you have to put up signs.

The safest thing you can do for your pets this Fourth of July is to keep them safe and secure in your home while you enjoy the holiday Share on X as it is meant for the human kind. They will be happy and you will be happy!

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