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November is a Great Month to Adopt a Senior Pet!

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The Spirit of Bo, returning to inform, enlighten, educate and inspire.  Life has been good to me on the other side, but I often feel the call to pop back over and share a bit of my insight with our faithful readers.  We are more than half-way through the month of November, which, besides being home to Thanksgiving, is also Adopt a Senior Pet Month.  And, according to an article I dug up on, there are lots of wonderful reasons why you should consider adopting a pet in the glorious afternoon of life!

Sure, the energy, spunk and enthusiasm of a new puppy is always easy to fall for, but that also comes with a host of challenges, including housebreaking, chewing and obedience training. A well-mannered older mutt still has plenty of love to give without all that added hassle.  Many of these older pets were raised in loving homes, but perhaps have lost their humans/guardians due to divorce, illness or death. These older dogs still want to share the love they have left to give…and here are some reasons why they can’t be denied!

  • No surprises! You don’t have to wonder how big they will get as they are already full grown. Plus, their personalities are already shaped.
  • No potty training rituals. These older dogs have been house trained…or, if they have not!, they are physically and mentally prepared to figure it out in no time.
  • Since senior dogs have been around humans long enough, they understand our language. They also learn quickly.
  • Because they have been around awhile, they have had more time to interact with other dogs and cats over the years, as well as with other people, so they typically fit right in with the family.
  • And you can most likely forget about puppy proofing your home. Senior animals don’t typically have a nose for trouble like their younger counterparts.
  • Their needs are minimal. A brisk walk each day will most likely suffice, along with the regular potty breaks. They don’t need three runs a day!
  • A no-brainer….no more destructive chewing! Your shoes are safe!
  • And don’t let their advanced age scare you. Young animals can develop health issues just as easily as older ones, and some older ones are perfectly healthy.
  • They really appreciate your love and always give more in return.
  • And what better gift to give to a senior pet than lots of love in the final years of his/her life?



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