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Nip Those Unwanted Excess Holiday Pounds in the Bud Now!

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dog obesity

Jessie, the prim and proper dog, dispensing healthy and useful advice as always: The holidays are gaining on us with warp speed.  Before you know it, you will be lounging in your familiar loving cocoon of food, fun, family and friends. As you bundle up and settle in for the colder days ahead, it can be easy to lose sight of a fit and active lifestyle…not only for yourself but for your pets. You know what you need to do to keep those unwanted holiday pounds from creeping up on you, but how do you help your pets stay fit and keep the extra pounds at bay? Well, thanks to some information I found at, it is easier than you might think!

Six years ago, the FDA approved the first diet pill for dogs called Slentrol. (Really???)  Roughly 40% of dogs in the US are overweight, per Pfizer, and many owners struggle with helping their pets to lose that dangerous excess weight.  What to do?

  • Start with giving your pet a balanced pet food diet. This means no table treats, despite those puppy dog eyes that stare up at you. Keep his diet nutritionally balanced.
  • Bring on the cardio!  Yes….exercise! Go for longer walks or have more play times…this will benefit you and your dog!
  • Consider changing to a premium dietary low fat/high fiber pet foot (for your dog…not you!) When switching to a new pet food, do so gradually….use 75% of the old food and add 25% of the new variety. The next day, opt for a 50-50 ratio and on the third day go for a 25/75 split. On the fourth day, it’s all or nothing! If you are uncertain as to what brand of dog food to provide your pet, consult your veterinarian.
  • We know it is easy to give treats for great behavior, but offer praise instead. When your pet is good, bring out a new toy and encourage more play.  Too many treats are not good for the hips!
  • Consider setting a deadline for your pet to reach a certain target weight. This will keep you focused and might even be a great way for YOU to get in shape and reach your weight goals at the same time!

Of course, always consult with your vet before changing routines and food plans for your dog.  Do this safely and wisely.  And…be sure to enjoy the holidays as they come with confidence and ease!





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