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Picking Suitable Toys For Your Dog

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There are tons of toys on the market for dogs, and many pet guardians tend to pick ones that are cute to look at, or ones that make a cute sound.  As the November 2013 issue of Dog Fancy points out, the toys we select for our dogs may actually reinforce some negative behaviors.  Check out these points to consider:

  • Does your dog like to chew on socks or stuffed toys?  If your answer is yes, avoid soft, cottony or fuzzy toys that have a similar texture to the socks and toys he’s has a habit of chewing.  Try nylon, rubber or other textures of toys instead.
  • Does your dog have a tendency to nip you?  If this is your dog, avoid smooth vinyl toys with a texture that’s similar to skin.
  • Is your dog especially sensitive to sound?  This can be very important if you have younger children that have a tendency to squeal in a high pitched voice.  If you have younger children, look for dog toys that have a lower pitched sound, or no sound at all.  This will prevent your dog from associating squeaky noises with biting.

Making good choices in selecting toys for your dog will help keep him happy, and well-behaved.



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