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National Horse Protection Day

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national horse protection day

We hear a lot in the media about abuse of dogs and cats, and finding homes for those that don’t have one. ┬áHorses, though, don’t receive much media time to make the public aware of problems they face.

Even if you can’t adopt a homeless horse, there are ways you can help:

  • Help out a neighbor horse by feeding, bathing, riding or walking a horse that may need attention due to owner illness or financial difficulties.
  • Foster or sponsor a horse at a local shelter or rescue group until that horse finds a permanent home
  • Plan an adoption event in partnership with a local shelter or rescue group
  • Organize a local horse food drive and deliver the goods to needy horses in the community
  • Organize a team of horse lovers in your community to increase awareness of horse slaughter and the number of horses that need homes
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