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Congratulations, Uggie!

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Uggie the Dog

Jessie, the dog worthy of winning awards, here to dish on the latest in Hollywood: Oh, my!  My heart is pounding.  Did you watch the Oscars last night? Was he just incredibly handsome or what? Uggie rules! In case you have been living in a cave or under a rock, Uggie was the scene-stealing dog in the hit movie, “The Artist,” which was nominated for and won the coveted Best Picture award!

As shared in a recent issue of People magazine, it was aptly noted by Best Picture Winner in 1999, Shakespeare in Love, what people desire to see in a film is “love and a bit with a dog.” They evidently got that and more with “The Artist.”

I am now starting my own Uggie Fan Club! He rocked that bow tie last night, too, by the way! So stylish and debonair this dog!

Congrats to Uggie! You deserve all the glory and attention! You made the film what it became! Okay, we will also give credit to its OTHER leading man, Oscar winner Jean Dujardin!

It gets even better!  Uggie was recently named as the first official spokesdog for Nintendo!  How cool is that?

Three cheers for Uggie!  The canine world is so proud of you!


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