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Leave Them At Home

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I read another article a few minutes ago of a policeman breaking a car window to rescue a dog left unattended in a too hot car.  In these extremely hot summer days, the temperature inside a car get reach well over 100 degrees within five minutes.  Leaving the window down a few inches doesn’t really help reduce the heat in the car either.

An Associated Press article written earlier this month stated that within two days of the start of summer, five dogs had perished in hot cars in Oregon, Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

The article reported that many city Animal Control officers now have temperature guns that can measure the temperature from outside the car.  Depending on the pet’s condition, police can break the car window to rescue the dog.  Based on the laws in a given city or state, criminal charges may be filed or the owner gets a citation.

As of 2010, 14 states had laws prohibiting leaving an animal in a car unattended if doing so endangered the animal’s life. Some states have animal endangerment statues for handling animal death or injury.

If you spot an animal left unattended in a hot car, contact store or mall security if in a shopping area or otherwise contact Animal Control, but don’t endanger yourself by confronting the pet owner.  If you’re able to reach the animal and they seem responsive, use water to help cool them off.

Most dogs love riding in the car, but be mindful of the errands you’re running and if any would involve leaving your dog in the car, save it for another trip when your dog will stay at home.


Source:  Associated Press Article, “New Tools Used To Keep Pets Out Of Hot Cars”, published 7/11/12


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