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How to Identify a Dog Person

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Jessie, the lovable and oh-so-adorable dog who appreciates her human: I love it when you humans get so engrossed in your pets, especially your dogs. Cats might THINK they are gods, but we dogs really have it going on! If you know of someone whose dogs rule their lives in a good way, then some of these interesting observations might just apply to them…or to YOU!

You know when people are true dog people when…

…they have one of those plastic wading pools in the backyard filled with water but no children of their own.

…the dog has a special spot on their bed upon which to sleep.

…the dog’s human refers to himself or herself as Mommy or Daddy.

…there are baby gates placed in various locations around the house but there are no babies living there.

…there are doggie biscuits in her purse instead of mints and gum.

…they sign and send birthday or holiday cards to others from the dog!

…the dog is part of their wedding party…maybe even Best Dog!

…they never completely finish a piece of chicken or steak so that the dog can have a bite.

…there is dog hair stuck on the tape of wrapped gifts.

…they show up at the car dealership with a tape measure to make sure the dog crate will fit into the new vehicle. Then, they actually place the dog in the crate into the new car to see how it fits and looks while the salesperson cringes!

…when throwing a dinner party, they make sure to check the butter before placing it on the table.

…they bark about how much food costs at the grocery store but happily purchase the best in dog food and treats.

…they have more photos of their dog in their wallet than they do of actual humans.

(Thanks to for these funny reminders of how people really do love their dogs!)


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