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Keeping Coyotes At Bay

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coyote close up

From time to time in this area, we’ve had cases of coyotes attacking small dogs. ┬áIf you’ve had coyote sightings or attacks in your neighborhood, here are some tips to keep them away:

  • If you have a fence, or are thinking of installing one, look at ones that are 6 feet or higher with a roll bar on top.
  • Don’t leave small dogs unattended outside in the dark, even for a potty break.
  • Install motion activated outdoor lighting, the light will startle coyotes that may enter your yard.
  • Trim shrubbery so coyotes won’t have a place to hide.
  • If you have outdoor water dishes for your dog, empty them once your dog has come inside for the night.
  • Remove sources of food such as fallen fruits, berries or bird seed that may have fallen from the feeder.

Your Dog, February 2012, was used as reference for this post


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