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Is Doggie Day Care Right For Your Dog?

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I sometimes receive calls from pet owners inquiring about the services we provide at Joy of Living.  As caring pet owners, they’re looking for the best solution for their dog while they’re at work or on vacation.

Although doggie day care is a good solution for some dogs, it isn’t the best fit for all.  If your dog is active, well socialized and on the younger side, day care could be a good option.

Once you’ve determined day care is the way to go, here are some questions to ask doggie day care providers prior to signing your dog up:

How is the facility set up?

  • Are dogs separated by size?  Do dogs have constant access to bathroom break areas?  Is the facility clean?

Are all prospective clients accepted?

  • Is there a “trial” period to ensure the new dog will get along with others?

Is medical help readily available?

  • In the event a dog is injured or becomes ill, is there a vet on call?  Have day care employees been trained in pet first aid and CPR?

How big are the playgroups?

  • At a minimum, there should be one trained employee for every 15 dogs.  One employee per 10 dogs would be preferable.

How are new dogs introduced?

  • Be sure there’s a method in place to appropriately introduce new dogs to the existing “pack”.  Avoid any facility that states they just put all the dogs together, they’ll be fine.

The Bark magazine, Jan/Feb 2012 issue was a reference for this post


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