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Just so you know…today’s post is for the birds…literally!

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Party Marty here! The coolest cat in town! And also the biggest bird lover! Yes, I love to do some bird watching when the day is lazy and the mice are sleeping.  We don’t talk much about birds on this blog, but today I am going to talk to you about birds….birds of all kinds….read and enlighten yourself.

  • The maximum speed of a chicken is nine miles per hour (even faster when I chase one!)
  • Ostriches stick their heads in the sand to look for water.
  • The only bird that can fly backwards is the hummingbird.
  • Bird eggs laid in a nest are referred to as a clutch.
  • Did you know that birds dream when they sleep? They actually dream about the songs they will sing the next day, experiencing dream rehearsals and then they sing those songs the next day.
  • Penguins cannot fly, but they sure can swim!
  • Did you know that in order to eat, Flamingos must turn their heads upside down?
  • A group of chickens is called a peep.

Thanks to for these fun facts!



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