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I’ve Got Soap in My Eyes Again!

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dog taking bath

Bolt, three-year-old Yorkie-Poo guest blogger:  Ugh..what a way to start the day. Just when I thought I could kick back and lounge in the sun, my human came to get me and took me to…are you ready for this?…the dreaded SHOWER! I know, I know…I admit…I feel great afterwards, but the actual process of getting wet and lathered up is just not my thing, especially when I fuss and the soap gets in my eyes.

This begs the question on all water-fearing dogs out there: How often do you get a bath? It seems around here it happens about once a month. I do all that I can to stay clean. I don’t jump in puddles or roll in the mud.  I try not to work up a sweat on my daily walks. I don’t go running through the brush. However, the dirt and stuff does accumulate, so I can understand why my human does not want a filthy dog running around her house or getting on the furniture. (Wait! Scratch that last thought! She thinks I stay off the couch!)

I did a bit of research on the internet. (I was too lazy to take a poll of the neighborhood dogs!) It seems the general consensus is to bathe dogs about every 3-6 weeks, depending on how much fur they have. The more fur, the more maintenance. Dogs need grooming, too, which is separate from bathing.  We have to keep our fur from becoming matted and gross. I do pride myself on my overall appearance, you know!

Fortunately, my human keeps me well-groomed.  My hair is very short and so much more manageable, keeping that shower hose at bay for longer than some of my furrier counterparts may see. That other dog in the house with me also gets bathed as frequently as I do. However, for the record, I will note that we are probably cleaned just  a tad bit more than other dogs as some of those little people in our home have allergies, and by keeping us routinely clean, they can enjoy our presence. I do what I can and will take one for the team in that regard!  Love those little people….they usually come with treats!

Have a great day!  Spring is almost here!


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