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Do You Live in a Dog-Friendly Town?

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Jessie, the blogging dog at it again! Yeah! It’s Friday! The weather in Kansas City is sunny and warm…a perfect day for lounging by the window. I love my home! I love my town! If you are a dog-owner, you are probably grateful for all the things your city provides you in terms of pet-friendly services…or not…depends upon where you live, I suppose.

Where I live, there are an abundance of unique pet stores, fabulous walking trails, and a few great dog parks. I couldn’t ask for more. I’d say I live in a very pet-friendly city!

According to, the five top cities to live with your pet are New York City, Chicago, Boston, San Francisco and Seattle. WOW! Guess I know where to go when I need a change of scenery.

In New York City, there are an estimated 120 dog parks and dog runs with a variety of dog-friendly cafes, bars and pet services in all five boroughs. In Chicago, there are a variety of hotels, vacation homes, restaurants and other public places that cater to people and their pets. In Boston, their public transportation systems allows for well-behaved leashed dogs to ride the T! How cool is that? In San Francisco, dogs are allowed on cable cars, municipal buses, trains and even ferries! In Seattle, there are many pet-friendly apartments plus an abundance of hiking trails and parks to explore with your best friend!

Yeah…it’s great to be a dog!


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