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It’s Time to Bone Up on That One Peculiar Behavior of Your Dog!

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why dogs bury bones

Ever wonder why dogs bury bones? If  you give a cat a cool treat or toy, you won’t see him running out to the backyard to dig a hole, throw it in said hole and then cover it up. What gives?

The team at has some insight into this behavior.  If your dog buries bones or other items, you can blame his ancestors.

Dogs Bury Bones, They’re Not Alone

In fact, many species of animals engage in this behavior.  What is interesting to note is that they remember where they buried their treasures, even months later!

For example, squirrels will bury supplies and food in the warm summer months in anticipation of the lean, winter months when food is at a minimum.

It’s In Dog’s DNA

Dogs, descendants of wolves, have a natural instinct to bury food or toys in anticipation of lean times, just as wolves do.

Wolves may experience times of plenty after a large kill, feasting for days, but once the prey has been consumed, they may go for several days subsisting on much smaller meals.

Individually, they may hunt smaller pray, like rabbits, but often that might not prove to be enough sustenance. Wolves have learned to bury energy-rich food for later consumption…for leaner times…and this behavior may persist in domestic dogs.

We do not recommend giving your dog real bones, as they can splinter and cause injuries to your pet. Many dogs do love bone-like chew toys, and they will most likely bury them – either outside or under a pillow cushion on your couch – as they deem the object as valuable to them.

Dogs bury bones or other treasures thinking they might not ever get one again!  They want to be sure it’s there to savor later.

Cats are not into burying bones and the like. And even if they were, they’d hire someone to do the work for them!



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