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Dog Behavior: 5 Tips To Avoid Dog Bite

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dog bite

Recently, while visiting a longtime dog walking client, the dog bit me unexpectedly. The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) estimates 4.5 million people suffer a dog bite each year in the U.S. Click To Tweet

A dog bite is quite painful, but as the new issue of Dogster magazine advises, there are steps you can take to stay safe:

Proper Positive Socialization Before 16 Weeks of Age

In my case, I don’t believe that dog that bit me was socialized much at all as a puppy.

Socializing a puppy early helps lay the foundation for proper behavior later.  Introduce your puppy to a variety of environments and situations to build his confidence.

Proper socialization will lead to a well-rounded happy dog, one that won’t be as apt to bite.

Become Familiar With Canine Communication

A dog’s body language can tell you a lot about whether he’s capable of biting.  Do not approach a dog with his tail down and teeth bared.

Discuss other warning signs of an aggressive dog with someone familiar with dogs and/or dog training.  In this case, knowledge is power, and safety!

Teach Children How To Properly Interact With Dogs

Do not allow children to pull dog’s ears, ride on a dog’s back, hug a dog or corner or harass a dog.  All of these behaviors tend to make dogs uncomfortable, and an uncomfortable. An otherwise gentle dog can become aggressive if children don’t interact with them properly.

Respect Dogs You Don’t Know

It’s important to give dogs you don’t know a wide berth.  Even if the dog’s owner insists the dog is friendly, he may become aggressive with people unfamiliar to him.

Never Leave Children Alone With Dog

As I mentioned above, it is important to teach children the proper way to interact with dogs.  Even if you’ve educated your child, they often forget once they start playing.  The dog may give warning signs he isn’t comfortable, but if the child isn’t paying attention, or isn’t aware, the dog may feel he needs to defend himself by biting.

A dog bite is painful, and can be dangerous if the dog has a disease that can be transmitted to you.  Following these tips can go a long way to help keep you safe.

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