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It’s Not Easy to Make a Fashion Statement with a Flea Collar, but It Helps with the Pests!

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Jessie’s Tuesday morning blog post! Hi! Isn’t it great to have a dog on hand to post things that are relevant, informative and educational? I leave Friday’s posts to the cat, Party Marty, as by that day of the week, I figure most folks are ready for some fun and frivolity, leaving their mental acuity marginalized, at best. In short, I am the scholar and Marty is the joker!

In that vein, I wanted to address those necessary, yet not necessarily fashionable, flea and tick collars. Do pets need them and are the effective?

Well, according to the trusted experts at, collars may be the best way to control ticks. Most of the newer collars currently on the market last up to eight months. They are less greasy and do not have an odor that remains an assault on the senses, unlike the older versions. These collars also control fleas.

Some of you may wonder about dips, powders, sprays and shampoos when it comes to controlling the pesky flea and tick populations on your pet. Well, those products are typically not as effective as the longer-acting products, as you have to use them frequently and keep up with the regimen. Are you up to the task?

And, I am sorry to say this, but fleas keep coming back. Why? Well, they only spend about 25% of their lives on your pet. Dogs and cats can be compared to salt shakers in this matter. When the female flea lays her eggs, they just roll off your pet onto the carpet or sofa. Eww! That stuff will just build up in the couch cushions and can continue to hatch and develop for up to 90 days. Talk about unwanted house guests over staying their welcome!

To combat these pests, you have to vacuum thoroughly, wash all pet bedding and use flea control sprays or powders in areas where your pet hangs out the most. And, if you are not thorough in treating all of your pets, the fleas will do what they do best: find a new and unsuspecting host!

Now, I realize that some of you are into natural flea treatments. I get that. But I can tell you that even those botanical oils can irritate the skin of your pet and most of those products just repel the pests but don’t necessarily keep them away for good. If you are prone to using garlic, that ingredient can actually cause changes in your pet’s blood cells and can also cause anemia.

It sure would be nice not to have to worry about fleas and ticks, but it is a part of life with pets. So, do your homework, discuss options with your vet, and then protect your pet as fully as you can!



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