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It’s March Madness Time..For The Animals

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The crazy folks at decided to put their own spin on March Madness by doing running a tournament to find the next “big” animal.  All the well-known and popular animals like cats and dogs have been excluded to give some other cute, but not as well-known animals a chance to win.

There are four brackets:  Australia, Big Dudes, America and Grab Bag with four animal cuties in each bracket.  Buzzfeed writers will be doing write-ups on the animals in the running to showcase why that animal should be tournament winner.  After the posts are written, readers, like us, will have a chance to vote for their favorite.

The website will be updated to show which animals move forward and which will be crowned the winner.  I’ve posted a picture of the tournament brackets so you can pick your favorites.

Keep watching for updates on this cool event!


Animal March Madness



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